Why the planet loves our mats

Here at Break Free Yoga we pride ourselves on constantly finding new ways to be kinder to our planet, below are some of the ways we have managed to achieve this.

~ Our mats are dual layered with the base made from sustainably farmed natural tree rubber (fully bio-degradable) and a non-slip micro-fiber towel surface.

~ All of our designs are printed using non-toxic, water based inks.

~ `Break Free Yoga Mats are free from all harmful chemicals including PVC, silicone, toxic glues and Phthalates.

~ All of our mats measure at 700mm across by 1800mm in length.

~ Our packaging is 98% recyclable.

~ 10% of our profits go directly to The Surin Project, an organization charged with improving the lives and living conditions of nearly 200 Elephants in the Thai village of Ban Tha Klang.